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Our Mission

Guide and Empower Business Leaders to Protect and Defend Organizations from Cyber Threats.

Cyber Security Professional with 5+ years of Experience in Leading and Managing Incident Response Programs.

Most of this time was spent as a Senior Consultant, where I simultaneously managed multiple CyberSOC engagements. In this role, I was responsible for managing our Internal Teams that provide 24x7 Monitoring and Incident Response, while also working alongside Internal and Client Leadership teams to design the CyberSOC Programs and continually strengthen the clients’ Security Posture.

  • Lead Incident Response for multiple teams, prioritizing client threats and guiding teams through investigation and remediation efforts.

  • Lead IR phone bridges with clients, providing attack summaries to Leadership and instructing teams on next steps for containment and remediation. 

  • Continually assess and report on the security posture of our clients, and provide improvement strategies that fill security gaps.

  • Manage the implementation of various SIEM tools, working with various admins to configure log collection and alert creation.

  • Manage IR Playbook Creation, ensuring clients have playbooks for all types of security threats, and training teams on properly carrying out procedures.

  • Design Metric Programs, collecting and reporting on relevant data so Leadership Teams can understand current operations and make informed decisions to best run the Security Program.

  • Manage Threat Hunting by identifying “blind spots” in the network, then hunting for signs of adversarial techniques that could bypass tooling.

Experienced Leadership

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