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Empowering Business Leaders

We give you the Tools, Structure, and Guidance.

You gain the ability to confidently manage your CyberSOC Program.

Align your CSOC to the Best Standards in the Industry.

Every CSOC Program we design is built following the strong standards that we have researched and implemented over the years.

Assess CSOC Maturity

We compare the organization's SOC Program to industry best practices. We identify strengths and weaknesses, and create a SOC Maturity Scorecard that accurately ranks the Program.

Build and Implement Together

We implement alongside you, strengthening the Program's maturity and making the organization more secure.

Design Program Roadmap

After identifying any gaps in the Program, we build a prioritized list of actions for the team to follow. Each item completed increases the Program's maturity and puts the Program closer to aligning with top industry standards.

Start with our Free SOC Maturity Assessment

Click the button below to download the Assessment and start improving your SOC today

After analyzing your Security Scorecard, review our Services that will help grow and strengthen your Program.

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