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SOC Maturity Assessment with Improvement Roadmap

  • From our curated list of top selected metrics used to determine the strength of a CyberSOC, we assess where your program's maturity currently ranks.

  • Through our discussion, we provide a list of recommended next steps the team should work towards in developing and growing the program.

Incident Response Playbook Creation

  • From our countless hours of incident handling over the years, we have experience with numerous unique types of threats and use-case scenarios. Using this knowledge obtained, we will create Incident Response Playbooks that can be referenced to triage and respond to almost all potential cyber threats that would arise in your organization. 

  • We will build out playbooks for the most common incidents (Phishing, Malware, Ransomware, Compromised Account, DLP, etc.)  Our runbooks will be specifically tailored to the organization's toolsets and processes, and will align with the industry's most up-to-date IR Frameworks (NIST, ITIL, etc.)

Hands-on Training Bootcamp

  • Through Hands-On Training, we will help empower the team in becoming Incident Response leaders by building the team's experience in detecting and eradicating potential cyber threats.

  • After years of training and progressing the careers of numerous cyber security professionals, we have designed a training bootcamp that will advance the Incident Response team's knowledge-base and skill-sets to confidently and independently run a CyberSOC.

  • Training modules will cover the Attack Lifecycle, Incident Response Lifecycle, Threat Landscape, etc. while staging various attacker scenarios. All training will be conducted referencing and utilizing your specific toolsets as if it were a true incident, giving the team immediate comfortability in handling potential threats in your environment.

Strategic Roadmapping / Forecasting

  • We will conduct a more advanced, in-depth current-state assessment. From our observations and findings, we will build a 1-3 year strategic roadmap for the team to follow that will provide the CyberSOC program growth, more structure, and better efficiency

  • By coordinating with Leadership, the roadmap will have proper prioritization based on budget constraints, resource limitations/needs, ongoing/future projects and developments, security gaps/concerns, etc.

All-in-One Kickstart your CyberSOC Program

  • In-depth review of the program's current state

  • Strategic roadmapping / forecasting with list of prioritized needs

  • Hands-on team training bootcamp

  • Developing and proposing team roles and responsibilities

  • IRW creation

  • Metric creation

  • General coaching and guidance

We help empower you to lead and grow a successful CyberSOC program.

All of our service offerings have the same core theme:

"Empowering You."

We believe that with our proposed structure for building and running a CyberSOC Program, your team will have the tools and guidance necessary to independently and confidently lead it to success.

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